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Oct 6, 2012 6:00pm EDT
in california many years ago. but before that, he was a roarer, and he drank just an enormous amount. and as people who drink a lot do, he would, not infrequently, get himself into trouble. and one time one of his early wives--he used to get married a lot, too--kicked him out of the house, we assume for good cause, and he went over to stay with a friend of his. but his friend was, in turn, out drinking. bob couldn't get into that apartment. but he spotted his friend's car in the alley behind the apartment. so he opened the back door and crawled into the backseat and fell asleep in the backseat of the car. he woke up the next morning and the car was being driven down the highway by a total stranger. it was not his friend's car at all. and there was bob in the backseat, thinking about how to handle this. and, finally, he just sat bolt upright and said to the--into the driver's ear, 'hi there. i'm bob bullock, your secretary of state.' poor man almost drove off the road. c-span: is that a true story? >> guest: that's a true story. c-span: he's still lieutenant governor? >> guest: he's s
Oct 13, 2012 6:00pm EDT
-span: where are you from? >> guest: i'm from california, from the bay area, come from a large irish catholic family. my parents are irish immigrants my dad's a civil engineer. and when my mom was pregnant with me, my dad decided, "let's go to san francisco for a year, get a job," and my mother... c-span: right from ireland. >> guest: straight from ireland, from county cork. it used to sound very romantic to me. now it sounds really impulsive. my mom had one child at that point, so they went for what was going to be a year and they ended up staying there. they're still there. my mom fell in love with california and... c-span: how many kids in the family? >> guest: six -- five girls, one boy. c-span: and then where did you go to college? >> guest: i went to college at berkeley, which is across the bay from where i was raised. my step-daughter's is there now c-span: studied what? >> guest: i studied rhetoric and economics. i started out being an economics major because i thought i wanted to go to law school, discovered, in fact, that i really loved the study of rhetoric, which is one of the the
Oct 27, 2012 6:00pm EDT
he get it? >> guest: he got it from a couple of economists, one out in california, one that--down at columbia, who were rather unorthodox economists. c-span: where did they get it? >> guest: they invented it. c-span: just dreamed it up. >> guest: yeah. they invented it. i mean, it was an original idea with them... c-span: you can't go back... >> guest: ... in some version or another. c-span: you can't go back to aristotle or plato or montesquieu... >> guest: no, no. c-span: ... or somebody for this thing? >> guest: no, no. there is original invention in the--in the history of ideas. people do have original ideas sometimes. c-span: you defend the critics. your--the people that--you defend yourself, basically, here on supply-side economics, saying--you tell us why. i mean, the people that criticize the ronald reagan era for bankrupting the country. >> guest: well, it--it really is not fair. he proposed to cut tax rates. the democrats in congress panicked and said, 'we can't let them get away with this,' so they doubled him. they made the increase in cuts far more extensive tha
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3